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Global Health Insurance Center user guide
Our mission is to make your search for Global health Insurance products as detailed as possible at the shortest time. The steps given in this guide, we trust, will help you identify that product with least effort.
Simply follow the six steps explained here to know the products, features and costs. Before completion of these steps you will be able to decide on the product to meet your needs.

Alternatively you may directly go to Assist me!! and choose the features you are interested. The program will list the products to suit your needs. The list is linked to product info pages

Describe the applicant Describing the applicant is a simple step of choosing four pre-defined fields, by clicking radio buttons. Once the system categorizes the proposed applicant, you may click the link to be taken to the appropriate page.

The category page will list all the applicable products, links to comparison of features, premium etc.

Products Info

Products info page gives the highlights of the product, info about underwriters, administrators and policy renewal options. Product brochure may be downloaded from this page.

Web site featuring each one of the products are linked. You may also apply online from this page.


Comparisons are the most important feature of this web site. You may choose feature groups to compare.

Alternatively, you may choose products to list the features of products you choose.

Keying the age of proposed applicant will generate monthly premium of all the products applicable for the described category.

Assist Me!!

This unique program will assist in listing products that meet your criteria. You may choose one or more features to generate the list. Choosing all the features will short list the products for your review.

The products list are linked to the product info pages. You may review the products in depth at the product info page. Global Health Insurance choices are now easy.

Apply on line / further assistance

All the products info page has links to apply on line. Please keep all the details required handy. The list is available at the products info page.

For any further assistance, please call 408.270.1854 / 408.528.7687 (USA)


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