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HealthCare International

HealthCare International is applicable for the following:
  • US Citizens residing in other countries
  • Non-US citizens residing in USA (Green Care Holders) living in other countries
  • Non-US citizens residing in a Non-US country living in other countries including USA
HealthCare International premium is based on destinations described in the areas described below and age
Area A includes those countries within Europe, Central America, South America and elsewhere in the world not specifically named under Areas B and C.
Area B includes Africa (every country located on the continent of Africa) and the islands of Madagascar and the Seychelles; Russia and the Newly Independent States (formerly the USSR); Middle East and Asia.
Area C includes the United States (its possessions and territories), Canada, the Caribbean Islands and Bermuda.Please see the Definitions and Administration for more precise details on the countries included within Areas A,B and C.
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